Low-Carb German Pancakes

Low Carb German Pancakes - Clean Fingers Laynie
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Low Carb German Pancakes

Low-Carb/Keto German Pancakes with 1 g of net carbs that taste even better than the original!

German Pancakes (also known as Dutch Baby Pancakes) are egg-cellent during any time of the year for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert!

They leave such an impression right out of the oven with their inflated sides and creamy, custardy middles. Plus, they come together with 6 ingredients in less than 10 minutes with about 15-20 minutes of cooking time.

In my experience, it’s rare for a low-carb version of a dish to be better than the original. Dare I say, this low-carb version German pancakes of is BETTER than original version made with all-purpose flour? The low-carb ingredients used create magic in the pan. The browned butter mixes with the almond flour to give a toasty, slightly nutty flavor. I would eat these any day over the version with all-purpose flour!

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Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork - CleanFingersLaynie
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Shredded Pulled Pork on Cutting Board with Fork and Spoon

Tried and true recipe for slow cooker barbecue pulled pork that is sweet and tangy AND well seasoned with only 7 ingredients!

Even though there are hundreds of recipes for slow cooker barbecue pulled pork, this is my tried and true recipe I turn to time and again. My ideal slow cooker barbecue pulled pork is not only sweet and tangy but also well seasoned. Pulled pork should never be bland and cloyingly sweet. There’s a sweet spot (excuse the pun), and this recipe fits all those criteria.

Ultimately, this base recipe can be used to customize the pulled pork to your taste depending on the spices, the soda, and the barbecue sauce used.

It’s also very simple because all the ingredients are added to the slow cooker, and everything cooks low and slow. I love my slow cooker especially, in the summer months, when I don’t want to heat up the stove or oven.

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SPAM Musubi Rolls | Meal Prep

SPAM Musubi Rolls - CleanFingersLaynie
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Spam Musubi Rolls With Sauce

SPAM musubi rolls made with low-sodium SPAM, rice, nori, egg and a teriyaki-style marinade. Perfect for an on-the-go snack or breakfast. 

Hawaiian residents have the highest per capita consumption of SPAM in the United States.

Lovegren, Sylvia (2005). Fashionable food: seven decades of food fads.

When my brother lived in Hawaii, I asked him what one of his favorite things to eat was. He said he really liked SPAM musubi rolls. I’d never heard of them before, and I was intrigued. Although, it wasn’t until several years later until I would actually get to try one, and they are delicious! Once I tried one, I knew I had to learn how to create it at home.

The most common kind of SPAM musubi roll is made with three or four ingredients: SPAM, rice, nori (made from seaweed), and sauce or seasoning. Personally, I love the rolls that include egg and a teriyaki-style marinade.

SPAM musubi rolls sound like a weird combination of ingredients that don’t make sense, but it tastes SO good when you eat it. My husband tells me how good his body feels after eating it. At the end of this post, you can find the recipe for my take on SPAM musubi rolls.

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Slow Cooker Beef Pot Roast and Gravy

Beef Pot Roast and Gravy - Clean Fingers Laynie
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Beef Pot Roast and Gravy with Bite on Fork

A slow cooker does all of the work for this beef pot roast–including making its own gravy! Dump 6 ingredients in a slow cooker and forget it for 9-10 hrs.

One of my dear friends, Brandi, introduced me to this recipe for slow cooker beef pot roast when she entertained my husband, Jonny, and I for game night at her house. From the first bite Jonny and I were hooked, and we ranted and raved about how good it was. Jonny whispered to me under his breath that I should ask her how she made it, so I could make it for him too. Brandi was surprised at our reactions because she explained it was made with just a few ingredients all thrown into the slow cooker. Those are the best kinds of recipes!

Every time I’ve made this recipe since then, we still have the same reactions after the first bite. This beef pot roast and gravy is so flavorful, and we both say, “Yum!” out loud. The slow cooker does all of the work for this recipe — including making its own gravy! The beef does not need to be seared before hand, and all the ingredients can be dumped in to the slow cooker and forgotten.

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