Clean Fingers Laynie’s Best 10 Recipes of 2020

Clean Fingers Laynie's Best 10 Recipes of 2020

Let’s count down Clean Fingers Laynie’s best 10 recipes of 2020. You can find your new favorite recipes or rediscover old ones!

Normally, I don’t get too excited for a new year. Unsurprisingly, 2020 was hard for so many people. But, we survived, and we made it to 2021. And that, my friends, is something to celebrate! On a personal note, it also means Clean Fingers Laynie is officially 2 years old!

Even though I did not post as much last year, I still want to share the 10 most popular posts from 2020. It’s a great way to remember your favorite recipes. Or, it may also help you discover new ones you may have missed.

Clean Fingers Laynie’s Best 10 Recipes of 2020

To see any of the recipes, click on the post title to see the original post. Without further rambling, let’s get started with number 10.

10. 7UP Pound Cake Recipe

7Up Pound Cake

Our family loves this homemade 7UP Pound Cake Recipe. It’s packed with bright lime and lemon citrus flavors.

Even better, it’s not too dense or heavy. It’s the perfect refreshing dessert! Your cheeks will pucker with just one bite!

9. Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins Close Up Side View

More and more, people are jumping on the air fryer band wagon. I LOVE mine, and I use it several times a week.

You can make just about any muffin flavor in the air fryer. But like you, I love these Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins. It combines the best parts of muffins and donuts in one!

8. Carino’s Chicken Bowtie Festival Copycat

Carino’s Chicken Bowtie Festival Copycat Pasta in White Bowl

This Carino’s Chicken Bowtie Festival Copycat is one of my favorite recipes on the blog. If you love creamy pasta dishes, be sure to give this one a try!

Last year, I received the sweetest comment from a reader saying this is one of the best things her mother has ever tried! <3

7. Toasted Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dip

Toasted Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dip on Piece of Bread

At the beginning of the year, the number of people searching for “bread” broke records!

If you are searching for a recipe to jazz up your homemade bread, or you are looking to replicate your favorite restaurant appetizer, give this Toasted Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dip a try!

6. Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Whenever I need a fast treat for my furry family members, I make these Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Treats.

You will only need 3 ingredients, and I almost always have the ingredients on hand. Plus, my pups LOVE them! They will never turn down peanut butter in any form!

5. Copycat Johnny Carino’s Italian Nachos

Plate of Jonny Carino's Italian Nachos

I’m not sure if my husband tried the original Johnny Carino’s nachos before they went out of business (in Utah).

But to this day, he still requests these Copycat Johnny Carino’s Italian Nachos. They are such a fun take on nachos, and they are one of my dad’s favorite recipes too!

4. Dad’s Beef Spanish Rice

Dad's Beef Spanish Rice with Melty Cheese

If my dad is reading this (and he probably will), he should be so proud. His Beef Spanish Rice is one of the most popular recipes on the blog. Then again, it may just be his brothers and sisters that keep coming back for the recipe. I just kid, Dad. 😉

But, this recipe is really delicious as a full meal or as a side dish to other Mexican entrees. It’s cheesy, meaty, slightly spicy, and full of flavor.

3. Low-Carb Brown Sugar Substitute

Spoonful of Low-Carb Brown Sugar Substitute

This popularity of this recipe surprised me! That’s probably just because I so much struggled with my diet this past year…

But, I’m so happy this Low-Carb Brown Sugar Substitute is helping people! It’s much less expensive and more convenient than the store-bought versions of brown sugar!

2. Air Fryer Grilled Pineapple

Air Fryer Grilled Pineapple Close Up

When I originally posted this recipe, I was SO excited! There are just some recipes that I know people will love, and this was one of them.

Air Fryer Grilled Pineapple is so easy, and it only requires 4 ingredients! It’s especially handy if you don’t have a grill or if the weather is bad. I highly recommend trying it with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

1. 4 Ingredient High Quality Homemade Dog Training Treats

Top View of Finished Homemade Dog Training Treats

During 2020, I read several news articles about spikes in people adopting dogs while they are staying at home. This absolutely warms my heart!

We love our doggie family members, and even though our dog are not in the puppy stage any more, I still make them these 4 Ingredient High Quality Homemade Dog Training Treats.

So many dogs love these treats, and I’m happy I have found a less expensive and healthier treat for our furry family members.

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If you loved seeing this list, be sure to check out Clean Fingers Laynie’s Top 10 Recipes of 2019! It’s fun to see which recipes stayed the same and which ones are new!

Final Thoughts on the Best 10 Recipes of 2020

Vulnerable Personal Thoughts

First off, I want to say thank you for reading and for spending your time with me. I love sharing my favorite recipes with you! I want you to have success in the kitchen from the very start.

Whether this is your first time here or you’ve come back, welcome! As cliche as it sounds, I couldn’t do this without you. Plus, your support helps keep Clean Fingers Laynie going. I am SO grateful to you!

What happened to me?

Next, I know I did not post any new recipes during the last few months of the year. In the middle of the year, I became very invested in the social events happening in the United States. They affected me greatly, and it felt insensitive to continue posting as if nothing was wrong. As time passed, I struggled getting back into the head space to post recipes.

To clarify, I felt like I was doing all I could to survive mentally, physically, and emotionally. For the first time ever, I felt like eating was a chore. I wanted to do the bare minimum required to eat. This resulted in eating take-out more often than I was cooking at home. When I did cook at home, it was very simple, no fuss meals. The very last thing I wanted to do was to photograph and write a blog post about my meals. I was lucky to eat at all. My mind wasn’t in the game.

Then, in November, I got shingles. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Plus, it left me exhausted. I feel like I’m still recovering from it. I really hope none of you ever get shingles. EVER!!!

Thankfully, I was able to work from home for most of the year. Our family has been staying safe and healthy (for the most part).

Where to we go from here?

In order for me to make a post like this next year, I need to start creating content again. I am so grateful to you for being patient with me last year. But, my commitment to you for 2021, is to post at least once a week. While I may not always meet my goal, I really do want to serve you to the best of my ability.

To send me any feedback, send me a comment on my Contact page. Or feel free to send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Your messages will come directly to me, and I will always be there to answer. If you have any recipes, you’d like to see this next year, be sure to send those my way too! To never miss a post, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

As always, I want to remind you of the purpose of my blog. My ultimate goal is to help you know that cooking at home can be tastier, healthier, more convenient, and more affordable than eating out. Cooking does not have to be intimidating, and you can cook delicious flavorful meals at home.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Clean Fingers Laynie’s Best 10 Recipes of 2020! Here’s looking forward to a brighter, calmer, safe 2021! Mad love to you!


-Elayna (Laynie)


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