Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie

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Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie Top View

This Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie is made in about 5 minutes for a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast or snack. It’s filling, delicious, and healthy.

Juggling school and work is no easy task. Especially when you are away from home for 14+ hours. Thankfully, I am no longer in that phase of life. But, I still love several of the quick recipes I found during that time. One of my favorite recipes is for a Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie.

This recipe SAVED me when I was in school and needed a quick breakfast to take on-the-go. This smoothie can be made in about five minutes, and it keeps me full until lunch time. I also love it can be made very inexpensively with few ingredients. This is also very important for me when I am on a tight budget.

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie Ingredients

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie Side View

For this peanut butter banana oat smoothie, you’ll need six ingredients:

  • Bananas 
  • Peanut Butter
  • Oats
  • Ground Flax
  • Milk
  • Granulated Sugar (or sweetener of choice)

I absolutely love the addition of oats in this smoothie. The oats give a nutty taste, and they add texture and thickness. Plus, I find they help keep me fuller longer.

Ground Flax (or flax meal) also helps add a nutty taste. And they are very nutritious and healthy. My favorite brand of flax meal is Bob’s Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal. Although, ground flax can lose some of it’s benefits once it’s ground. So, if you prefer, you can also grind your own flax meal from whole flaxseed. I recommend and love Anthony’s Organic Brown Whole Flaxseed.

Instead of dairy milk, I use original unsweetened almond milk. This helps me reduce the calories and carbs. Plus, I find non-dairy milk lasts longer in the fridge. But, feel free to use your favorite kind of milk.

For the peanut butter, I prefer to use smooth over chunky. But either one will work just fine. Or if you are allergic to peanut butter, you can also substitute almond butter or sunflower seed butter.

This recipe is also a great way to use up browned bananas. The more ripe the banana is the sweeter the flavor. Plus, by freezing the bananas it helps add a creamy texture to the smoothie.

Finally, when it comes to the oats, I use whatever I have on hand. Although, be sure not to use steel-cut oats! Those are too tough to use in this recipe. But, rolled oats and quick oats both work well.

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie Prep Tips

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie in Two Glasses

In the recipe card below, I provide instructions for 2 servings. Although, this recipe can easily be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

To be honest, my husband does not like the texture of the oats in this smoothie. (I love it though!) So, if you, or someone else you’re making this for, doesn’t like a chunkier texture, you can try these tips for a smoother smoothie.

First, try blending the oats by themselves before adding any additional ingredients. The oats will blend into a powder much more easily. And this can help you achieve a smoother texture. You can also blend whole flax seeds with the oats too! This will help you get more nutrition out of the flax meal.

Second, you can add everything to the blender, and let the oats soak for 10 to 20 minutes. You may need to add additional milk to loosen the smoothie if the oats soak up too much of the liquid.

Finally, before you drink the mixture, you can let the smoothie sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Similar to the previous tip, this will allow the oats to soak up the liquid and soften.

Typically, I use one banana per serving. But if you prefer a creamier and naturally sweeter smoothie, you can add another 1/2 banana.

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For the longest time, I did not like eating oatmeal. It wasn’t until I changed the way I prepared oatmeal that I learned to like it. However, cooking oats on the stove was a luxury I couldn’t afford. So, I had to find another way to keep myself full until lunch. If you have a little bit more time in the morning, also give my Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal recipe a try!

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Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie

This Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie is made in about 5 minutes for a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast or snack. It's filling, delicious, and healthy.
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Drinks, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword Banana, Gluten-Free, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Single Serving
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 419kcal
Author Clean Fingers Laynie


  • 2 cups Milk
  • 2-3 large Bananas* Frozen
  • 1/4 cup Peanut Butter
  • 3/4 cup Oats
  • 1 tbsp Ground Flax Meal
  • 1-2 tsp Granulated Sugar (or sweetener of choice)


  • Add all the ingredients into your blender. Start blending on low speed, and gradually increase the speed to high. Blend for 2-3 minutes until everything is blended and smooth.
  • If desired, add additional sweetener to taste.
  • Serve cold and enjoy!


Estimated Nutrition, Per Serving: Calories 419, Fat 21 g, Carbohydrate 53 g, Dietary Fiberg, Protein 13 g, Sodium 323 mg
*For a thicker smoothie, use 3 bananas.

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