Whipped Topping and Yogurt Pie (Easy)

Whipped Topping and Yogurt Pie -- Clean Fingers Laynie
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Whipped Topping and Yogurt Pie with Slice

This simple Whipped Topping and Yogurt Pie is made in 5 minutes with only 3 ingredients! It’s a perfect, low-calorie, refrigerated or frozen summer treat.

This Whipped Topping and Yogurt Pie has been around for decades. It’s been around so long, I’m not sure where it originated. I was recently introduced to it through several videos on YouTube. Since I’ve been at home over the last few months, I’ve definitely gained a few pounds. Thankfully, this pie is very light, and it has relatively few calories for a dessert. It’s especially perfect for the summertime.

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Best Frosted Mint Brownies

Best Frosted Mint Brownies - CleanFingersLaynie
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Best Frosted Mint Brownies

The BEST Frosted Mint Brownies I have ever made or tasted! Made with a fudgy brownie topped with whipped mint buttercream and a dreamy chocolate glaze!

So, what makes me qualified to say these are the best frosted mint brownies? Well, frosted mint brownies are one of my favorite desserts. Ever! Over the years, I have made (and eaten) my fair share of them in search of the perfect one.

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